Moving to The Cloud has been well marketed and documented – there is a lot of opinions on the use of Cloud services but we do feel that finding the right Cloud Host Provider, coupled with comparing ongoing costs to one off costs, are two of the main areas that should be reviewed before any decisions are made for your business.

There is no right or wrong answer to using Cloud services – it is more about whether or not “it’s the right fit for your business”. If it does fit then we are partnered with many of the leading Cloud providers to provide and manage your services in The Cloud.


UK Exchange Mail and Outlook Services

Through one of our UK partners we can provide exchange email with the added option of a separate Microsoft Outlook subscription. This service is ideal for customers who have already purchased or don’t require Microsoft Office and are looking for Exchange email services without having to purchase or maintain their own in-house mail server.

Cloud Managed Antivirus

By centrally managing your Antivirus Software online we will be able to monitor and manage each antivirus product on your network. We will also be notified by email if there any are viruses located on your PC’s so that we can then deal with issues immediately before you start noticing problems.

Office 365 and Exchange Email

If your business requires Microsoft Office licencing and you are not looking to pay all the software costs upfront, then Office 365 gives you a monthly payment option. Additionally, Office 365 users will be provided with an Exchange email account for accessing email/calendar services from multiple devices and at any location. At DATA, we will be able to send you an email via our Microsoft Partner link to subscribe directly to Microsoft in which we will be able to setup and manage your Office 365 subscription services on your system.

Online Cloud Backup

Our Cloud back up service is available for both workstations and servers. Customers will have access to all the necessary tools to back up software including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Hyper V. Server accounts will also be given 150GB storage as standard, as well as options to upgrade to Unlimited storage if required.

Cloud Website Hosting

Currently providing unlimited Windows and Linux Web Hostingservices. All of our Cloud Hosting packages come with control panel management and free mysql databases. Our Control Panel service includes many website tools and options such as ssl certificates and basic email accounts.