Top IT Support Recommendations for 2018

As an experienced IT Support Company in Edinburgh, DATA Computer Services primary aims are to:

  • Ensure our customers’ networks are as secure as they possibly can be in protecting computer systems and vital company data.
  • Help our customers move forward with the many new technologies available, which will also help improve staff productivity and communications in and out of the office work environment.

To achieve this we have created a list of our top recommendations for improving business IT Services in 2018

  1. Businesses with Company Email Services: implement a Cloud Based Spam/AV Security product to filter out any emails with viruses/spam before they arrive on your network.
  2. Businesses with File Servers on Their Network: implement Image Backup & Recovery software to allow your server to be able to recover from any file corruption to its exact working setup within hours,instead of potentially days.
  3. Businesses Only Using Local Backup Devices or Swapping Tapes/Drives Manually: implement a remote backup service to automatically back up your company data daily, to another site location, without any staff input.
  4. Businesses Using Antivirus Software: implement the latest program updates to provide access to important new security features and program improvements.
  5. Businesses with a WordPress Website: check and update WordPress add-ons/plugins on a regular basis to help reduce the risk of hackers getting administrative access to your company website.
  6. Businesses Not Using Pro Active Monitoring Services: implement a monitoring service on at least your file server to keep your server services running smoothly on your network.
  7. Businesses Currently Using NAS Drives or Workstation PCs as an Acting File Server: move data and file-sharing services on to Virtual Servers where the benefits of data access and security will be improved with online server storage access.
  8. Businesses Looking To Drive In More Business: arrange a website audit and get in contact with a recommended SEO partner to help improve rankings and traffic to your company website.
  9. Businesses Looking to Upgrade Their Phone System: move to a Hosted Mitel Platform which has low setup costs, significant ongoing savings and multitude of phone features including voicemail by email, direct dial numbers and mobile app integration.

If you are a business looking for ways to improve your IT Services and have some questions or would like to discuss any of the above recommendations, please get in touch or call us on 0131 657 1666.