6 Reasons For Moving to a VOIP Phone System

As an experienced IT support company in Edinburgh, one of our most important tasks is to ensure businesses have a reliable, cost effective phone system in place.

Traditionally landlines are the go-to choice but over the last few years there has been a steady increase in the number of SMEs moving to cloud hosted VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems. These cloud based ‘internet phones’ offer many advantages over older systems, the most important being reduced costs. In fact it has been estimated that businesses can save up to 50% by using hosted VOIP instead of regular phone lines. Here are our top 6 reasons why you should consider making the move

1. Cheap to install and maintain

Hosted VOIP phones are cheap to install and easy to configure. No wiring is required as these phones use a broadband connection to make and receive calls. In addition there is no VOIP hardware to install, all that is needed is a phone handset plugged directly into your computer network. A simple web portal is used to add or remove users or change configuration settings.

2.  Cheaper calls

As well as reduced installation costs VOIP offer significantly cheaper calls than traditional landlines. In fact VOIP to VOIP calls are usually completely free. This means that there is no cost for internal calls between offices or phone extensions. Clearly as more and more businesses make the move to VOIP this will become an even bigger saving in the future.

3. Easy to scale up or down

SMEs are not always in a position to predict exactly how many phones they will need in the coming year. With VOIP phones you can quickly and easily add a new line as soon as a new employee starts and remove it as soon as they leave, saving you time and money.

4. Phone numbers can go with you

Moving to VOIP doesn’t mean you need to change all your business telephone numbers. You can still take calls and make calls using your current phone numbers, minimising any disruption to business.

5. Host of useful business features

VOIP comes with a host of familiar features such as caller ID, call diversion, call waiting, 3 way calling. In addition because VOIP is internet based it integrates easily with other business applications enabling video conferencing, audio conferencing, integrated contact lists, voicemail by email, on hold music and call queue etc.

6. Mobile VOIP App

The VOIP service also comes with the option of a mobile app which enables staff to take and make VOIP office calls using their mobile phones. This lets you maintain a professional business presence even when staff work remotely or are out of the office a lot.

In the past many businesses were put off the idea of internet phones due to worries about poor voice quality and unreliable broadband connections. Fortunately these issues have been addressed and providers can now deliver extremely high levels of network reliability. In addition in the unlikely event of an internet outage, rerouting of calls to mobiles or alternative telephone lines can be easily set up. Instead businesses should think about the potential cost saving that can be made along with the wide range of business friendly features available with hosted VOIP phone systems.

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